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December 31, 2004


Steve B

Scott, I'm glad you're online. I enjoyed your grammar comments on the trinity discussion at theoblogy very much. Good stuff!


My favorite book on the Trinity is God for Us by the late Catherine LaCugna. She embraces the Nicene pops to a large degree with a couple of modifications that I like. One, she does away with the monarchy of the Father--which if it ever existed, I'd have to say that he does away with himself--in favor of perichoresis, which came after the Nicene pops. She has a great discussion of the perspective on the Trinity from liberation and feminist theologies. Two, she rescues homoousion from Western rationalist conceptions of personhood ('I think, therefore I am'). While the Nicene Fathers never intended this, they sort of set the table for it to occur later. What she keeps from the Nicenes is the important notion that the Trinity is economic. We're not talking about God's inter-relatedness "out there". We're talking about how God has revealed God's self to us in God's economy of space and time.

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