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February 13, 2005




Yesterday, 3/6/5, Dr Rogers, at Shadow Hills Bapt in Lubbock, Tx., addressed the underlying question here(I think)--to be pietistic or confessional--fairly creatively by describing the placement of the prospect of our witness on a sliding scale from 1 to 10, 1 being ready/prepared for and presented with the question of Jesus' Lordship and forgiveness, and 10 being so far removed from the converstation as to state at best 'Bible? so what?'. Thus it behooves us as evangelists to be empathetic to the overall conversation of the prospect and be ready with the verses and scripture (pietistic?)of salvation for the 1st position, but to be patient and wise as the serpent in engaging discussion with the 10th position prospect, taking into account the conditioning and callous of the prospect which might require relationship(confession?) before piety. Using as example Jesus' careful talk with a sinner in John 4. Beginning with a subtle compliment and moving by increments toward her spiritual desire, sinfulness, then object of her search.


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What i do regularly is what i know is right. Too much exposure on conventional things makes an individual lost.

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