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February 14, 2005



Scott, I read Michael's comments. I'm curious, at what point do we stop scooping water out of the boat as it is sinking? Naturally if there are no other boats out there and one is in the middle of the ocean, the answer is 'never'. I'm wondering though, if the ship is going down and everybody's arms are getting tired how helpful it is for someone to stand up and proclaim that perhaps we have been brought to this position for such a time as this. I'd be tempted to jump out of the dingy and swim to the ocean liner that is near by...but that's just me. Maybe you feel that there is a way to patch the holes or something. Yet when your boat continues to receive damage from evangelicals on the starboard side and liberals on the port side maybe a different boat would be more helpful for the voyage. Just a thought. Peace.


When you realize that the boat is no longer a boat, you sure as hell take your family and swim for something that has the true marks of a boat.


Scott, it was enlightening and heartening to read Michael Walker's charge to the PFR. Enlightening because I thought perhaps the SBC/CBF/BWA was the only rifting denomination around. Heartening to realize that he is constrained to work his talent in the opportunity that has found him and in the face of the dangers which leer upon his accepted responsibilities. Thankyou Jesus for Hope in a confounding time.


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