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February 07, 2005




you quoted Schama on Berlin'This optimization of the world, he thought, was a willed self-deception about the reality of human behavior; namely, that there were no conflicts that, with the application of enough goodwill, money, and robust determination, could not be resolved.'

Each question answered yields a thousand more questions. When the KINGDOM is fulfilled on Earth, then surely enough goodwill you know....

It seems to me that Berlin is chasing around the bush here somewhat by not considering that some Americans have never lived in the USA, nor were they born to USA citizen parents but were born rather to that ideal called freedom that most of us who are US citizens fancy. It may be deceptive to think that the world will succumb to freedom's ring, but we do know that when Americans in exotic places are displaced, violently, abruptly and unfairly from their rights and responsibilities then an outcry is made, and so far the response varies. And I do agree that iteration is mere folly without the presence of nuance, personality, and service. Iteration, then may become a goal or ideal based manifestation, that is changed(thus disguised) by the realities of assimmilation. I begin to head into gray areas which I detest, that method of whining excuse-if God is without blemish and we are striving to become like Him as we become one with Him then where is there room for anything other than light, then I remember the forgiveness I was in need of and probably will be in need of...did I hear that almost all attempts at the President/Congress/Judicial systems save the USA have ended within thirty years of inception?


A tradition will always be in the mind of many people. Especially historical happening that gave a big impact to the people.

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