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February 24, 2005



hey bro, thanks for this. i was drawn to your statement that, "Docetic ecclesiology seems to be just as serious a heresy as Docetic Christology."

This is something i have been wrestling with and am not sure that i have completly grasped (now there is a suprise!)..i've been toying with some thoughts on my blog that, especially with docetic ecclesiology and how we tend somehow seperate our "personal holiness" with our commitment to and with a community that is called to be a faithful witness...

is this where you were trying to go with this...or did i miss the point?


as a baptist finding himself in the same predicament, i appreciate your words. i'd honestly be much more at home in the presby. or episcop. church, but i feel compelled to stay, with all its flaws and f-ed up visions of ecclesiology. as barth said, "do not lightly leave the church of your baptism", for they give us a gift far greater than we can ever repay.


Didn’t Barth leave the church of his baptism (or at least like to slip out during communion)? He certainly changed his mind about baptism …


hence, "not LIGHTLY leave...". it's not an easy decision to jump ship and cut ties with family.


Barth never left the Swiss Reformed Church. He did, however, change his views on baptism. This didn't lead him to break fellowship with the Swiss Reformed.

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