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February 08, 2008



Scott -

You strike me as someone who's faith in Christ influences his life and political decisions.

As such, I'm curious how you square your faith with your support of Obama.

For instance, last month in his "Statement on 35th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Decision," Senator Obama strongly lamented last year's Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on partial-birth abortions -- putting Obama as far left as one can be on the issue.

My certainty that God values the lives of the unborn is what first brought me to involvement with the political world and would keep me from ever being able to pull the lever for a non-pro-life candidate.

Because I know you'd provide a thoughtful response, I'd be very interested in how social issues, like abortion, a.) are informed by your faith; and b.) factor in to your support of Obama.


McCain is to old - and has a short fuse. He is an American Hero - and suffered for America - but that doesn't make him Presidential material. McCain says will stay in Iraq forever - we need to get out and get out NOW. Believe it or not - we believe in the Change and we agree Obama looks like the best change.

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